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How to order
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How to order

Thank you for choosing BLD Pharm. We offered a variety of ways for you to get in touch with us.
You may place orders via phone, fax, email, or by using our online ordering system.

For Catalog Chemicals

You need to register an online account in order to use our online ordering system.
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Or, place order directly by e-mail to:

We require the following information to process your order:
1. Product name / CAS No. /Catalog No., Size and Quantity.
2. Your Company info and e-mail address (we will send order confirmation and updates to you.)
3. Your name and telephone number
4. Shipping address and billing address

Bulk Inquiries

Our Sales Department is willing to help you with any information you may require,
For bulk quotes, we have an online request form for your convenience.

Or, send Email to :

Custom Synthesis
For any item you are interested in purchasing that is not listed in our catalog, please send detailed information to our sales department to obtain a quote.
Helpful information could include CAS#, Structure, Chemical Name, quantity, purity, how soon you need the material, as well as any additional specifications you require.